Augers are used to bore holes into the earth, ideal for drilling holes for fence or gate posts. They are also useful in areas where large volumes of trees are being planted as they provide a much faster and more efficient result than digging by hand.

We carry in stock the American Ardisam Earthquake range of augers, with power derived from either 2 stroke or 4 stroke engines. Augers are available as either 1-man or heavier duty 2-man units, with a choice of engines from Viper or Briggs & Stratton engines. All models feature a heavy duty transmission for strength and durability even in the most demanding of conditions.

 Auger Bits are available in sizes from 2" in diameter up to 12", providing the perfect result for any task. Ardisam 6", 8" and 10" Auger Bits are fitted with an exclusive "flex coil", a replaceable shock absorbing spring that protects both operator and machine from the damaging forces of imbedded rock, roots and obstructions.


For more information and pricing of Augers call our sales team on 01963 828000.