Blowers & Vacuums

Blowers and vacuums are ideal for clearing any debris from lawns, gardens, driveways, and estates. When choosing a blower or vacuum it is always important to consider the size of area you wish to maintain, and our sales team would be happy to guide you through the range of options available:


Handheld Blower / Vacuums

We carry a range of handheld blowers and blower/vacuums from leading manufacturers including AL-KOMitox, Bosch and Husqvarna. Electric models are available, ideal for smaller gardens, while petrol 2-stroke models offer greater portability and increased power for more demanding use. Blowers are ideal for clearing areas of heavy debris, whereas Blower/Vacuums can be used to blow leaves and litter into a pile before vacuuming into a collection bag. Most handheld Blower/Vacuums offer a mulching capability, where waste is shredded as it is vacuumed, reducing large piles of leaves into a single bagful.


Backpack Blowers

Popular with professional users, backpack blowers offer increased power over handheld blowers, as larger engines can be carried on a harness secured to the user by a backpack. Mitox and Husqvarna provide our main range of backpack blowers, with 2 stroke engines up to 63.3cc providing massive air speeds of up to 92metres per second. Backpack blowers are ideal for large areas as they can be comfortably worn for long periods of time.


Wheeled Vacuums

Wheeled vacuums are ideal for clearing wide areas of lawn and estate, with suction widths up to 33 inches and a choice of models from AL-KO and Weibang. Wheeled vacuums can also be supplied with options such as a wander hose, allowing the operator to reach areas inaccessible by a wheeled machine.  

For more information and pricing of Blowers & Vacuums call our sales team on 01963 828000.