Chippers & Shredders

Bosch Shredder - Rochford Garden Machinery

Shredders and Chippers can reduce your piles of garden waste into manageable mulch for bagging, composting or even decoration! With a wide range of both petrol and electric models available, from manufacturers including  DR, and Bosch, we can supply you with the perfect tool for your application:

Electric Shredders

There are a number of different varients of electric shredders all having different shredding methods. Disc shredders are ideal for soft green materials and use a fast moving blade to slice through the material as it is fed through resulting in a shredded mulch ready for bagging or composting. For hard wood from fruit trees, old hedges or throrny shrubs, the drum cutter (or gear) system cuts and crushes in one go and the automatic feed makes operation easyand the woodchips which are created are perfect for composting or decorating your paths or borders. If you would rather not seperate the wood and green materials, the turbine shredder system has sharp rotating blades which cut up the material as it is fed into the shredder.

DR ChipperShredder Rochford Garden Machinery 

Petrol Chipper/Shredders

We also supply a wide range of DR petrol shredders and chippers enabling you to chip bigger materials up to 14.5cm (5.75") in diameter.


For more information and prices of Chippers & Shredders call our Sales team on 01963 828000.