Garden Tractors & Ride-On's


With probably the UK's largest display, we offer a massive range of Garden Tractors, Riders, Ride-Ons, Zero-Turns and Greens Mowers. Our domestic range offers models from manufacturers including AL-KO, John Deere, Westwood and more, all on display in our showroom, giving you the chance to compare all available options in one place:


Garden Tractors  


With a four stroke engine at the front, usually with a power outputbetween 12hp and 24hp, and a cutter deck mounted undeaneath, Garden Tractors are hugely versatile and hence very popular. With the ability to cut and collect, mulch, or side discharge, plus tow a variety of attachments such as trailers, spreaders, and aerators, Garden Tractors are useful in any large garden.



Out-Front Riders


Highly manoeuvrable, Riders have the cutter deck mounted in front of the machine, for excellent visibility, plus the ability to mow under fences, hedges and benches. The body of the machine articulates in the middle for an extremely small turning circle, perfect for tight areas, and cutting around trees, obstacles and posts. Riders cannot collect grass clippings, instead mulching or discharging the grass.




Ride-Ons are smaller machines, where the small engine, usually 6hp-12hp, sits beneath the drivers seat. With a small single bladed cutter deck, these machines are nimble enough to fit through narrow gateways, making them ideal in areas where access is difficult. Due to their low power and smaller wheels, ride-ons are best suited to flat lawns, without any potholes or rough areas.




Zero-Turn mowers are ideal for mowing gardens with a number of obstacles quickly and efficiently. The two drive wheels of a zero turn mower are controlled independently by separate drive levers, allowing outstanding manouverability, intuitive control and the ability to turn on the spot.



Tractor Accessories


We stock a huge range of tow-behind equipment and accessories for your garden tractor that can make any garden task easy. With lawn care systems, trailers, aerators, sprayers, spreaders and more, you will be amazed at how much you can do with your tractor!

With equipment from leading manufactures including SCH and Turfmaster, our sales team will be happy to show you an array of equipment all designed to make those tough jobs easy.



For more information and prices of Tractors & Ride-Ons call our sales team on 01963 828000.