Hedge Trimmers

We stock a wide variety of hedgetrimmers, suitable for every type of use. Our sales team would be happy to advise you on the most suitable tool for you:

Electric & Battery

AL-KO Hedge TrimmerWe offer electric and battery hedgetrimmers from leading brands including AL-KO, Bosch, and Husqvarna with models suitable for light trimming duties up to heavy duty use. Lithium-Ion battery technology now means that cordless hedgetrimmers offer shorter charge times, and better performance, than ever before, whilst some manufacturers now offer fully professional quality battery powered models.

Telescopic and long reach electric and battery trimmers are also available, which offer a much safer alternative to trimming high hedges using a ladder. 

2 Stroke Petrol

Mitox Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

We also carry petrol powered hedgetrimmers from Mitox, and Husqvarna, which offer greater power, cutting capacity, and freedom of movement than most electric powered machines. With the option of single or double sided blades, our sales team can advise you on the best machine for your application and budget, as well as demonstrating how to safely start and operate the machine.

We stock a range of long reach petrol hedgetrimmers from Mitox, and Husqvarna with models suitable for professional users also available. Long reach hedge trimmers offer great power combined with a reach of up to 8 feet in length, perfect for those tall hedges. With articulating heads, these machines can cut a level top to a high hedge whilst your feet remain firmly on the ground.


For more information and prices of Hedgetrimmers call our Sales team on 01963 828000.