Lawn Mowers


We stock and display literally hundreds of different lawnmowers for every possible application, from leading manufacturers including AL-KOJohn Deere, Bosch and many more. From an electric hover lawnmower for a small garden, to a wide cut petrol lawnmower for an estate or park, our sales team can advise you on what type of lawnmower is most suitable for your lawn.


Electric Rotary Lawnmowers

Ideal for smaller lawns, we carry a range of simple electric rotary lawnmowers that offer both collection and mulch capabilities. With stock from AL-KO, Bosch, John Deere and more on display, you can compare the top lawnmower models in the comfort of our showroom, and take your favourite home with you!

With cutting widths from 32cm to 46cm, our range of electric lawnmowers are suitable for small to medium size lawns and the best news is that our prices are comparible with leading DIY and chain stores, so you can buy safe in the knowledge that our expert advice and personal shopping experience isn't costing the earth!




Battery Lawnmowers

For true cordless freedom we offer a selection of battery powered lawnmowers from AL-KO, Bosch, John Deere and Husqvarana. With cutting widths from 30cm to 43cm, battery lawnmowers are ideal if you have a small to medium sized lawn which is difficult to access with a regular electric lawnmower, or if your lawn is a long way away from a mains electricity connection.

The battery lawnmowers in store are powered by quality Lithium-Ion batteries, which have the benefit of being quick to charge and are long lasting.

A number of manufactuers have also developed ranges of garden machinery which can alll be powered by the same battery


Petrol Rotary Lawnmowers

We offer the widest possible range of petrol lawnmowers under one roof, so visiting our showroom gives you the opportunity to find the perfect lawnmower for you. With models from AL-KO, Weibang John Deere, Husqvarna, and more, our range of petrol rotary lawnmowers offer cutting widths from 40cm to 52cm and over, offering the perfect model for every type of garden. Petrol rotary lawnmowers are extremely popular due to their power and versatility. Many petrol lawnmowers now offer multiple functions, such as collecting, mulching, or side discharge, enabling many different tasks to be carried out with the same machine. If you want to avoid the hassle of collecting grass clippings, a dedicated mulch mower might be right for you.



Petrol Rear Roller Lawnmowers.

Rear roller rotary lawnmowers are popular due to the traditional striped lawn finish that they provide, as the large rear roller presses the grass in the direction that you mow. With roller lawnmowers from Weibang and John Deere, our sales team are on hand to guide you through the various models, features, and sizes, from 41cm to 56cm. With electric start, power drive, and Blade Brake Clutch (BBC) features all available, our range of roller rotary lawnmowers are suitable for many different types of garden.




Petrol Mulch Mowers.

As there is no grass to collect, and no box to empty, mulch mowing can save up to one third of the mowing time on a medium to large lawn when compared to cut and collect. For best results when mulching, the rule of thumb is not to cut off more than one-third of the grass' length, for optimum results not cutting below 30-40mm. Cutting frequently is recommended, and if the grass is long, it is recommended that you use the side -discharge function if the mower has one, in order to prevent clogging the machine.

Mulching is becoming increasingly popular, due to its convenience and the health benefits which it provides to the lawn. Instead of collecting grass clippings, a mulch lawnmower chops the clippings down to a fine mulch, which is then returned to the lawn. As the tiny grass clippings decompose rapidly, the lawn has a clean appearance, whilst nitrogen and other essential nutrients are fed back to the grass roots, resulting in a thicker, greener lawn without fertilising or feeding.



Hover Mowers.

We stock four stroke petrol hover mowers from Flymo and Husqvarna which are ideal for lawns, rough areas, banks and slopes up to 45 degrees. Hover mowers float on a cushion of air for effortless use and manouvrability. 




Hand Mowers.

Push lawnmowers are becoming increasingly popular, due to their low cost, excellent finish and environmentally-friendly approach to mowing. Requiring no cables, fuel or oil. and producing zero emissions or noise, the only power required is a light push! Ideal for smaller gardens, push lawnmowers provide a clean, scissor like cut thanks to their traditional cylinder type blades. With several models to choose from, with cutting widths from 28cm - 38cm, from AL-KO, Bosch and Husqvarana, our range of push mowers are an excellent choice, that can save you money, save you hassle, and give you gentle exercise as you mow!



Robotic Lawnmowers.

Robotic lawnmowers are the next generation of mowing the lawn. These fully automatic lawn mowers do all the hard work for you, keeping your lawn cut to your prefered height at all times. When their Lithium Ion batteries require charging, the mowers make their own way back to their charging stations and then when they are ready, they continue with their mowing.  Robotic mowers are quiet during operation and can be programmed to mow through the night if desired. We stock a range of Robotic Mowers from leading brands such as AL-KO, Bosch, Husqvarna and John Deere with our trained sales team on hand to give you useful advice when purchasing a robotic lawnmower.

We also offer an installation service to ensure that your robotic mower is operating at its optimum performance. Our sales team will be able to give you further information regarding the installation procedure and prices.


For more information and prices of lawn mowers call our Sales team on 01963 828000.