Log Splitters

Splitting wood by hand is a tough job, especially as winter closes in. With our range of powerful, portable wood splitters all that effort is reduced down to the press of a button!

AL-KO's horizontal splitters use up to 5 tonnes of force to split logs up to 52cm in length into perfect firewood, and can be easily moved due to their compact size and transport wheels. Designed for heavy duty homeowner use, all models are electrically powered, so all you have to do is plug them in.

We also stock the Mitox range of log splitters. With electric and petrol models available, the range includes electric and petrol splitters, with splitting forces from 4 - 7 tons. These models are great value for money, but still include great user-friendly features that make them efficient tools for processing large amounts of firewood.

For the toughest splitting jobs, the Dormak electric log splitters which produce a huge 12 tonnes of splitting force.


For more information and prices of Log Splitters, call our Sales team on 01963 828000.