Automatic lawnmowers take care of your lawncare leaving you to free to enoy your free time

Here at Rochford Garden Machinery, we stock a comprehensive range of robotic lawn mowers with models suitable for small gardens right up to large lawns up to 5000m2 in size. A fully automatic lawn mower will keep your lawn looking its best, giving you more free time to do things you enjoy. When you own a robotic mower, you no longer need to wait for a dry day to mow the lawn as the robot is capable of mowing in all conditions and if you go away on holiday, your lawn will be looking the same as it did when you left! There is also no need to worry about the grass clippings either, because the robotic mower cuts very small amounts of grass off each time, blowing the clippings back to the root base and fertilising the soil below.

Our trained sales team will be able to advise you on the most suitable model of automatic lawn mower for your garden with installation packages available which involves one of our qualified installation team visiting your property to take complete care of the setting up process. 

Upon arrival, we will inspect your garden, find the most effective way to lay the boundary cable which is used to mark out the robots working area and discuss the location of the base station which charges the mower. When you purchase a robotic mower installation package from Rochford Garden Machinery, we will use a higher quality, thicker boundary cable compared to other variants available which will provide increased protection from accidental damage or breakages caused by animals.

Once the cable has been laid around the perimeter of your lawn and has been connected to the base station, we will programme the mower to mow your lawn at your preferred times and show you how to change this if required.  Once the installation process is completed and the auto-mower has been sent to work, we will provide you with tips and advice on how to effectively maintain your new robotic lawn mower to ensure you get the optimum results.

If you are interested in purchasing a robotic lawn mower for your garden, visit us in store and one of our experienced sales team will be able to deal with any queries you may have.