Scarifiers & Aerators

A build up of moss and thatch can prevent essential light, water and nutrients from reaching the roots of your lawn. We offer a wide range of electric and petrol powered scarifiers, aerators and combi-units, you can remove this layer, giving you a greener, healthier lawn.

Our range of scarifiers from AL-KO, Weibang, John Deere and more, can provide lawn care from the smallest garden to the biggest. With either steel spring type tines to rake out thatched grass, or solid blades to slit the lawns surface for more intensive treatment, scarifying and aerating is usually carried out once in spring and once in autumn to promote healthy root growth throughout summer and prevent moss build up in winter.

Aeration using a Weibang aerator is also beneficial if your lawn is poorly drained. Holes can be pierced into the lawn, allowing water to drain off. This technique is also recommended prior to re-seeding to provide better conditions for seeds to germinate.

For more information and prices of Scarifiers & Aerators call our sales team on 01963 828000.