Wheeled Trimmers

Wheeled trimmers are powerful, versatile machines that use a nylon cutter head matched to four stroke engines to provide a simple to use mower capable of cutting grass up to waist high. We stock the DR range of wheeled trimmers, which are the world's number one selling wheeled trimmers. With heavy duty American construction, simply roll them along on the two large wheels and let the ultra-thick cutting cords mow through thick grass and weeds.

With a patented anti-wrap head the trimmer never gets clogged with grass, so a DR Trimmer can cut longer grass than most lawnmowers, whilst being much easier and safer to use than a handheld brushcutter. With adjustable trimming heights they can even mow the edges around your lawn! Perfect for anyone with large areas of unruly grass, or anyone who is tired of using a heavy, noisy brushcutter.

With a cutting width of 20 inches, both power drive and electric start options, the beauty of the DR Trimmer is that it can be used by almost anyone, almost anywhere! Visit our showroom to see the whole range.

For more information and prices of Wheeled Trimmers call our sales team on 01963 828000.